European Spruce - the Sound of Wood.

3.  Caucasian Spruce (picea orientalis)

This species is different from the European spruce of other origins. It is relatively new to luthiers and very promising: one renowned high-end luthier from my customer list informed me after receiving the second shipment of these that he is very "impressed" again. 

This stuff is especially fine and even lined and very stiff, the best sets have up to 30 grain lines /inch and have a lound and vibrating tap tone.  

We recently sent Luthier Brian Burns some sets to give them a workout, using his physical testing approach. He resumes, that our Caucasian spruce has
"the highest cross grain values of the 125 spruce tops I have ever tested." Period.

All at least steel string/Dreadnought size, mostly Jumbo size.

Grades + Prices:

Master          135  EURO/set (the few sets that are above the best grade)
AAA               69  EURO/set
AA+               39  EURO/set 
A+                 25  EURO/set (excellent tops, downgraded due to color variation)

A+ and AA+ not always available.

Fine lined Caucasian bracing wood available upon request.

DonĀ“t mix our Caucasian spruce up with Carpathian spruce. Last is from the same species picea abiens as our German or Alpine spruce, just coming from another place in Europe (here: Easteurope, the Carpathian mountains are located between Czech Republic, Slowakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraina and Romania).
Carpathian spruce is usually not as fine grained as the same species coming from Germany/ the Alps (including Italy, Swiss etc.) - and by far wider grained than our Caucasian spruce.


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