European Spruce - the Sound of Wood.

2.  Swiss Alpine Spruce (picea abies)

Grades + Prices for old stock swiss ALPINE SPRUCE:

Cut according the traditional "moon calendar".

AAA+     99  EURO/set
AAA       79 EURO/set
AAA/AA  59  EURO/set
AA+       49  EURO/set
A+         29  EURO/set 

MOONSPRUCE, master grade and bearclaw sets are listed in the webshop, too, click here.

German spruce bracewood logs abailable for 14.50 EURO/log, click here.

For German MoonSpruce ARCHTOP wedges (cut from old cello tops), click here.

High flamed Bosnian maple archtop b+s sets available, ask.


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