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This site is meant as a comprehensive collection of free and downloadable guitar plans. No plan is for sale, all are taken from other places where they were accordingly offered as shareware for free.

Just click on the underlined and selfexplaining words below (all plans in .pdf except where noted; plans open in new window):

Gibson Les Paul 1959 (body, 1:1 .jpg format, ask for .dwg/.dxf data for the routing template, data for the 3D model can NOT be spread due to legal restrictions)

Gibson Les Paul 1959 islolines (for a 12 mm carving of a 15 mm top)

Gibson Les Paul pack (from www.musiker-board.deincl. J. Catto plan; zipped by Hoss)

Gibson L-OO (plan found on Christophe Grellier´s website:

Martin OM (source: same as above)

Martin OO (source: same as above)

Telecaster (body) (most accurate drawing abailable, from an internet forum I forgot)

Telecaster (neck)

60´s Stratocaster (incl. 70s CBS headstock additionally)

Stratocaster necks (incl. 70s CBS headstock) in CorelDraw format .cdr!

7ender has nice input on their web site for guitars and basses, too:

More Les Paul-related stuff:
There has been some request for particular drawings/templates from vintage 1959 LesPauls.
While shaping the curved parts of the neck it can be helfpul to have some "guidiance points", so we start with the LP Heel:

  1. first to come is a drawing from a vintage heel shape "bottom view", click here for a .pdf of such. The heel is (around) 5/8´´ wide (and wider), ending (tip) right at the exact position "middle of 14th fret".
  2. next is a side-profile around the heel showing the part of the heel that is flat and not molded. Put this template on the side of the neck (positioned at the tip of the heel) and mark the curved line on the wood: all that is covered by the template is (reg. the side of the neck) the flat part of the heel and not shaped/curved, the part above the line (towards the headstock) is molded while shaping the heel and neck. Template shows the thickness of the heel +0,5mm thicker than final (final 38,1mm).
  3. third to come are 2 templates for shaping the back of neck: the neck is straight (but tilt, becoming thicker towards the end) between 1st and 11th fret. The template for these two positions you can find here.(top of template = gluing surface of the mahogany _before_ attaching the fretboard)
  4. today I post a template for the 4.0 degree side cut of the neck, the .pdf is here for free
  5. ... and a neck-tenon routing template (top view) here

Above links are .pdf for paper-printing, you can make your own templates from this. As an alternate we offer CNC´d templates made from 3mm MDF according above .pdfs, just ask if interested.


We are glad to include more credits, please let us know. And: as always no guarantee for anything like right dimensions, building success etc. - happy building!


More to come - or just ask for any plan you are interested in. If we have it and it is not copyright protected we will be glad to share with you.


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