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For headplates check our webshop here.

Bridge blanks           

For bridge blanks check our webshop here.

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Ask for your discount when ordering more than one piece.


 NEW: Pre-cut headplates     +++ PICS TO COME ***

We offer CNC-cut headplates for D-style and slotted headstocks* (tip: great for using as a routingtemplate), slightly oversized at the nut for final adjustiment in your shop to your nut width after installing. Simply cut or file the overhang flush after glueing to your peghead.

Apart from this we offer CNC-routed headplates following the known Gibson® -style* (measurements taken from a Les Paul® ´59 plan delivered by Stewart McDonald, click here). Apart from that we offer a style like the one Paul Reed Smith Guitars® uses.

This pre-cut headplate is slightly oversized at the nut, too, to be finally adjusted to your personal needs.

For the luthier who wants to work with a bound headplate we offer a Gibson® -style headplate*, reduced by the binding width (specify your binding width and your nut width).

After installing the binding in your shop the final result will have a perfect fit.
Name your nut width and we will adapt everything. (Did you know that Gibson® installs the binding to the headplate prior to gluing it to the peghead? See for this and a tour through the acoustic factory in Montana click

All shapes = one price: for CNC-routing add 5 Euro to the price of the headplate or wood you have chosen.

Individual shapes are no problem, please refer to our CNC-service section or drop a line to .

*We cannot rout for a Gibson®- or CMF Martin® logo due to legal restrictions, please don´t ask. Same applies to anything that is protected by law.



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