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medullary rays on a German Moonspruce private stock top (full house)


Our new WEBSHOP is online at another website! This is the place where we will be presenting the actual available products from now on (2016).

We are still in the process of uploading various products there, so much is missing but available... all listed products are in stock for ordering and are presented by individual pics. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to ask.

For direct access to our new webshop click here.

Any feedback or comments are welcome, we continue working hard to upload some hundrets of products we have actual in stock (but not listed in the webshop yet as per April 2018) step-by-step. If you cannot find yet the things you are looking for just drop us a line and we rush the upload of your items.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, we feel better with a direct interaction and communication with our valued customers, but modern times have required a digital webshop/sales platform, so here it is.

This lousy website did its job well since 2006, but it will serve as reference and general information base only in the future and will not be updated anymore.

All given prices here are NOT relevant anymore, please check the webshop (link above).


Following content represents the old website and is just for reference, check the actual webshop (link above).


As per January 2013: real Celluloid binding in vintage correct off-white for LesPaul fingerboards new in stock (oversized)! See "1959 Les Paul Project" -> "Woods+Materials" for more informations or check our webshop, here you can find this product directly at the LesPaul-Parts section, click here.

17.50 Euro/strip (55+ inch length = even good for binding a body).


CNC-production of vintage correct LP-style bodies has started

Vintage correct specifications incl. long tenon rout with 3.9 degree neck angle and 3 degree tilt humbucker rout etc.
For more pics check the web album and click here or visit the "1959-LP-project" section of this website (link at left frame).

Recetly added:


All are aware of the known fret tang nipper - we are glad to have found a heavy duty version for the professional luthier that works excellent and smooth even with hardest steel frets (made of steel itself).

  65 Euro/piece

If you manage to do the impossibility and destroy this one by regular use you get a new one for free, close-up pics you can find here.


Archtop German Moonspruce Wedges in


All grades available, airdried for several years (beginning 1987, most from 1999 - 2005).



For the needs of the dicriminating luthier we got custom made a new system of silicone heating blankets: made for a good fit for all guitar side dimensions (heating area is 92 x 14 cm, just 0.7 cm thick, 700 W) with included springs for DIRECT USE without the hassle of the slants etc.: equipped with 2 springs for sufficient tension. You may wrap the wood into aluminium foil (not neccessary) before exposing to the heat to keep the blanket off from oil and resin that surfaces on the wood when it is heated. The heating element is enclosed in fiber glass for strength AND then sealed in silicone for water etc. resistance - best of both worlds. Can be used with any side bending machine.


More pics here. Comes with integrated temperature control unit (silicon sealed), available in 110 and 230 V.   

For final checking the temperature we recommend a digital infrared thermometer with laser pointer (not included with the heating blankets, use ebay for getting these cheap). Using this simple system you can easily find the right temperature setting of the installed control unit and have no need of a electronic control with electronic/electric hassle.



By popular demand we offer our own hoover-vacuum table as a CNC´d DIY-kit now: Just make a frame out of the supplied boards of (come in final size) between the top and back, plug a home hoover in - and play. Fits all sizes from OO to J/Archtop. All hardware apart adaptor included, you need just glue (and clamps).


At left you can see the kit, consisting of a CNC´d top and unrouted back (same size) and four precisely CNC´d boards (1 has a hole for a hoover adaptor, see pic in the middle) for home-making a frame between top and back. At right: finished vacuum table. 45 Euro/kit, 25 Euro/just for the routed top

Using a simple home hoover this system holds so strong that you can lift the whole table up just by the piece of wood you are fixing down (have tested it with a thin/sanded spruce top, pics to come). This is how you can eleminate the chance of clamping marks - just don´t use them. Simply place the i.e. top at the righ position and turn the hoover on: all stays in place without slipping, makes fixing a breeze. Simply turn off the hoover when the job is done.  

This system is excellent when you need a flat fixure for the piece of wood you are working with. Fixes a rough sanded bridge blank for routing the slots or the shape excellent, too.

Just cover the holes in the top you do not need for a specific job; this maximizes the fixing strength and can easily be done with veneer, (kitchen) plastic foil or even paper cut to size works fine. Same rules for fretboards or headplates when fixing a piece for doing inlay work. Use clamps wherever you need them - but not here.


We CNC-trued it and can even use it with a waxed backside to slide under a Wagner-Safety-Planer for thicknessing. Ideal for cutting rosettes: just drill the center hole of the soundhole area to fit the pin of the rosette cutter and forget about the rest. 

For more pics incl. simple mouting description click here.

CNC-routed guitar bodies available now: we started with a precisely CNC´d Strat-body, Tele and LP will follow.

Check the CNC-section at left for more infos.


6th January 2009 added:

1. Digital Bending Iron

To eliminate the guesswork when setting the right temperature for bending we are glad to introduce the - in our opinion -most comfortable bending iron available (available in 230 and 115 Volts, 225 Euro/each):

2. Gramil Purfling Cutter Set

This is a set of 2 gramil purfling cutters, following the idea of Richard Schneider. Setting the cutting depth and width can be done individually, you will know the system.
Large one with round guide is for cutting along (parallel) to the side/outline, small one with flat bottom is for the other step (cutting flat from the top). Simple but precise and good. Made of brass, incl. 2 spare blades of high-speed steel. 85 Euro/set of 2 (as shown).

3. Mini Planes

Set of mini planes for all kind of detail work (like planing flush the binding/purfling, shaping the curve of an archtop etc.), flat bottom (round the bottom yourself with a band sander if needed). 
79 Euro/set of 4 planes (as shown)



Recently added:

The "HAPPY NEW YEAR-addition": we stocked up with some very nice and heavily figured German Moonspruce BEARCLAW sets, including some quilted, flamed and 2 teardrop sets.
Click here
for access to the web album with all sets.


bunch of 2- piece and 3-piece SWAMP ASH body blanks in:


95 Euro/2-piece blank, 75 Euro/3-piece blank, ask for details.


Lightweight HONDURAN mahogany body blanks for Les Pauls etc., sample pics below. Check the LP-1959-project page at left or click here for access to the web album with all body blanks.


Madagascar RW Rio type (striped), for more (and better than below) pics click here.



New products: CNC´d templates 


For full size deawings of all Martin-headplate styles please click here.
For a larger pic of an original Gibson bound fiber headplate click on the right pic.

CNC´d templates for mold making, top/back and side profile for
- OM, OO, L-OO (taken from the phantastic Christophe Grellier plans)
- OOO-12, D-14 Herringbone (both taken from Don McRostie plans)
- J-45 (Michael Collins plan), J-200 (Ridgewood Design plan)
- Benedetto 17´´ archtop (Skot G. Koenig)
- headplate templates
(solid, slotted, G**son-style), examples
  see above or click 
here for more pictures.

Thanks to Guy M. for his precious help!

GOTOH Truss Rods + Hardware

Click on the pic for a close-up of the pic above. For access to the complete GOTOH product catalog in our web album (low res) dick here.

GOTOH 2008 Guitar Tuner Catalog high res with all dimensions + options (like locking system on vintage style tuners etc.) and GOTOH´s fine buzz-free Truss Rods 
here. (pdf file size: 9 MB)

GOTOH 2008 catalog for Classical Tuners incl. Uke+Banjo you can download here. (3 MB)

GOTOH 2008 for E-Guitar Bridges and Parts you can download here. (4 MB)

GOTOH 2008 catalog for WILKINSON Bridges you can download here. (1.5 MB)

Ever heared about GOTOH´s Supreme Glyptography engraving technology? Catalog (9 MB) here.

SIGN UP FOR JULY 2008 GOTOH BULK ORDER (approx. 30% off retail) and send a mail to for more informations now.


Recently added:

1. African Blackwood 2-piece sets in D-/J-size; rare  
quartercut sets, click here.

2. Famous "Russian rosettes" from Dimitrij, simply the best you
    can get nowadays. Period. Click
here for more than the 2 
    samples below.


3. Paua Abalone Rosettes (Abalam-strips) in:
15.00 Euro/rosette, click


17th March 2008 added: 

I am back from some exciting days at Frankfurt Music Fair -
    for some impressions click

2. Carpathian Spruce from Russia in: click here.


formerly added:
Alpine Spruce from Austria, wintercut 2005+2006, full silk; click here.

German Moonspruce C-grade, all excellent tonewood with silk + medullary rays, with character. 29 Euro/set (steel string size)

neck blanks of
Honduran Mahogany (28x3.5x2 inches), super lightweight, excellent old stock wood.
Click on the underlined word to get direct access to the pics.


Luthier Brian Burns used his testing approach and has tested our European spruce.           Regarding our German Moonspruce he notes: "In fact, it, and the Caucasian Spruce,      have the highest cross grain values of the 125 spruce tops I have ever tested." Regarding our Alpine spruce he notes "... it has a very good total stiffness to density ratio ..." and     reg. my Caucasian spruce "... overall stiffness to density ratio is excellent."                          

Our goal is to offer luthiers the best available material at reasonable prices. We provide several pics from every piece of wood and take more on request to help you find the piece of wood that meets your requirements - just

for access to our web album with pics from all woods and parts.

We offer back+side sets from different woods, too, please check the “Back+Sides” section in the shop. Here you can find fretboards, headplates and bridgeblanks etc. as well. If you are looking for anything that you cannot find just ask, we have much more than listed here.

We carry several special items related to guitar making inkl. extra strong hide glue, shellac, pearl incl. strips in extra-slim size (0.047) in white and gold MOP,  visit the "Various" section at the Shop in left frame (from here go to "Various").

More species are added continously, check back regulary. We have almost every species in stock – if you are looking for a special one (all kinds of rosewoods incl. old-stock Brazilian rosewood, Koa, Zirikote, Madagascar RW etc.) just ask.

We are happy to have started recently publishing pics from guitars that were made with our wood (-> "Guitars" at left). 

Nothing is perfect with this website. Any questions, comments or remarks are very much appreciated to


Some informations might be known to you, for others they might not. We appreciate your comments very much. We´d be glad to share our knowledge and passion with you and vice versa.

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If we improve technically, this site will do accordingly. Same with grammar.


TWIMC: found a doctoral thesis about the acoustics of guitars -> for downloading "The acoustics and and psychoacoustics of the guitar" by Dr. Howard Wright -> click

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It´s marketing time: We proudly present as new "user": Boaz Elkayam

Thanks to my friend Udi V. our German Moonspruce and Caucasian Spruce has arrived at master luthier Boaz Elkayam
, who gave them a first workout - and is looking foreward to use them soon! For pics click here. Check this site for more pics and comments from Boaz once the guitars are ready!


Martin Guitar Co. has on their web site a list with dimensions of the various guitars they offer. This link is quite hidden, for access to this click here.

A video from the Martin Factory tour you can find here.


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